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Ric Flair's Opponent for WWE WrestleMania Determined, by Elizabeth Anderson - National Ledger - 31st January 2008

According to a report on leading pro wrestling news site Wrestling News Desk WWE has made an unusual decision regarding Ric Flair's opponent for Wrestlemania XXIV, which is scheduled to be the final match for the aging Nature Boy. World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman Vince McMahon has approved a pitch from The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels to wrestle Flair on March 30th as part of WWE's biggest annual event.

"This is a rather risky move," stated Wrestling News editor Matthew Cooper, "the talk among the creative team was for Mr. Kennedy to be Flair's last opponent and get the huge boost by retiring Flair."


But with Michaels looking at a Wrestlemania without a high profile match for himself, the D/X founder figured the Flair match would have huge emotion. Under the condition of anonymity, a high ranking WWE official told Wrestling News Desk, "Shawn retiring Flair is something that could get Shawn booed, but Vince figures the crowd will give Flair this huge emotional standing ovation, and it doesn't matter if they're WHOOOING or crotch chopping during the match. All the focus will be on Flair after it's over."

The plan seems to be Edge defending the World Title against Undertaker, with the legendary 'Taker's Wrestlemania undefeated streak on the line, and either John Cena vs HHH; or Cena vs HHH vs Orton in a three way for the WWE Title. No word yet on whether Hulk Hogan will be participating in this year's Mania, but in an interesting indication of Hogan's longevity, more people have been asking about Hogan than about Stone Cold Steve Austin.


"Cena's return has put Wrestlemania into everyone's consciousness," stated Cooper, "and the Flair match promises to be the most emotional one of the evening. Shawn Michaels is smart for wanting to be Flair's opponent. HBK has placed himself right in the spotlight again."

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