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WWE News: JBL on Shawn Michaels angle, Gagne tragedy, Working for his wife on Wall Street - Pro Wrestling Torch - 27th February 2009

-- JBL said in his latest blog on WWE Universe that he won't be facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 after losing to Shawn Michaels on Raw, but he has other plans.

"I still believe I am destined to do something great at Mania so tune in Monday Night and you will see my plan start to unfold," JBL said.

-- On the tragic Verne Gagne story that is being investigated as a homicide, JBL said: Really sad to hear about the events regarding Mr. Gagne. I really wish him, the other family, and his family the best in the tragedy."

-- One of the big stories on Wall Street last week was his wife, renown investment analyst Meredith Whitney, starting her own firm specializing in Investment Banking. JBL is licensed to work in that area, so he will be helping Meredith advance her career in the financial industry.

Whitney made the decision following the government's recent intervention in the financial market and JBL believes they can compete against other Wall Street firms for business.

"I am now working for my wife-didn't think that would happen, but I am happy," he said.


JBL blog on WWE Universe

Greg Tingle comment...

JBL might just be the world's greatest active pro wrestler blogger! The way Layfield has diversified and has created numerous revenue streams and news worthy elements in the process is ultra impressive. If being a total package in the pro wresting industry is part of the key, like Hogan and The Rock were able to do so successfully, JBL is a champion all the way. I witnessed Layfield wrestling in Germany approximately 15 years ago and he worked his ass off. It goes not surprise me to see him going so well. His going on record regarding 'The Wrestler' were gutsy and showed insight that the wrestling business seldom sees. It appears that Layfield's goal to not end up broke like 'The Wrestler' and helping fuel his goals. I believe that Layfield is showing strong leadership in the professional wrestling business for taking on what he has, and it may inspire other wrestlers to diversify and think outside the square. Layfield's darn hard work and staying power, combined with his improved mic work has made him stand out from the pack which is part of the secret in the wrestling business. There may be a spot very close to the likes of Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho and The Funks. Layfield in a clique or tag team situation with Triple H might work, with them both being power players that WWE would be much worse off without, and I think the fans and WWE top brass know this. It appears he also has a great career ahead of him as a writer should Layfield do down that path, and in the current times I think one might do well to listen to his firms financial advise as apposed to some of the others on Wall Street. JBL used to be average, but these days he's a champion. The real deal and one major player for 2009, both in the WWE and in his other endeavours. (Credit: Pro Wrestling Torch)

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