Thursday, May 06, 2010

Edge and Randy face off on Raw - 4th May 2010

Tag teams were the focus on Raw this week, as an old duo clashed and a potentially great one formed.

Edge and Randy Orton once comprised the team known as Rated RKO, but after the Ultimate Opportunist speared the Viper to close last week's show, they were booked to face off in Edge's talk show segment, The Cutting Edge.

Hyped throughout the show, it proved to be the quasi-main event, and concluded with Randy standing tall after nailing an RKO on his former comrade.

Prior to this, Edge cut a very strong promo explaining that he tried his hardest to please the fans, but they wouldn't accept him, hence his heel turn.

Adam Copeland is a terrific talker, but hasn't found his groove since his return as a babyface. It's nice to see the wide-eyed, paranoid heel Edge back.

During this confrontation, Orton found time to RKO the Raw Guest Host Wayne Brady, who contributed little else to the show.

It evoked memories of Steve Austin dishing out stunners to all and sundry, suggesting that if Randy showed a similar penchant for hitting his finisher in scattergun fashion it could get him even more over.

We already know the WWE title, currently held by John Cena, will be defended against Batista at Over the Limit. So this show featured the two men wrestling in separate matches, with the man who got a win in the quickest time choosing the stipulation for the bout at the PPV.

Batista was due to face The Miz, but he produced a Doctor's note excusing him from action, and instead allowed his NXT rookie Daniel Bryan to face the Animal.

Batista knocked off the former Ring of Honor champ in about five minutes, although Bryan got some reasonable time to shine.

Later, Cena was supposed to wrestle Chris Jericho, but again a scheduled opponent cried off, with this time Jericho's NXT protégé Wade Barrett taking his place.

Cena beat Batista's time, and was about to announce what stipulation he would like, when he was ambushed by Sheamus, who had earlier got in Batista's face and claimed he should be the No1 contender.

With no obvious opponent for the upcoming PPV, Sheamus may well be inserted into the mix to create a Triple Threat by the time we reach Over the Limit.

Our favourite moment from the show, though, was the realisation that Chris Jericho and The Miz look set to be aligned as a Tag Team.

They have title reigns with Big Show in common, and a backstage segment where they compared note on the giant, who moved to Smackdown last week, gave rise to what seems like a uniting of the pair.

You could put forth a very good argument for Jericho and Miz being the best promo guys in the whole of wrestling right now, so a formation of a team is an exciting prospect.

They sat in on commentary to see the current champions, The Hart Foundation, get their hands raised against William Regal and Vladimir Koslov, and attacked them post-match.

There is only really one question to answer. Do we called them JeriMiz or Mizicho? (Credit: The Sun)